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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fox Movie Channel?

Fox Movie Channel features films ranging from the great titles of the past to the blockbusters of today.  Films are unedited, commercial-free and in their original theatrical form. Original programming reveals how Hollywood movies are made today and provides an insightful look at the people who make them.

How do I get Fox Movie Channel?

Please follow this link to get Fox Movie Channel GET FOX MOVIE CHANNEL

What is letterbox?

WIDESCREEN movies are presented in their original aspect ratio, bringing you all of the picture as it played in theaters.

FULL FRAME versions often crop out portions of the screen so that the picture fits in a standard television screen.

How can I get a copy of my favorite movie?

Some of the movies shown on Fox Movie Channel are available from Fox Home Entertainment.

Visit the Fox Store by clicking on this link FOXSTORE
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